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About the Artist

John Brighenti is a native of rural Connecticut (CT) in the US, and spent his youth amongst the verdant hills and streams of New England. He apprenticed for the great Vicente Garcia, at Studio Garcia in Simsbury, CT, where he was trained in ceramics, with a focus on raku firing techniques. Since then, John has lived in

several countries in East and West Africa thanks to a career in international affairs, and currently resides in Brisbane, Australia.

John finds most of his inspiration in the natural world, taking cues from the unique colors, textures, and patterns all around us. Whether it is refining a lump of clay into a vase, or a fallen log into a bespoke piece of furniture, it is the designer's job to excavate, refine, and showcase the materials afforded to us in our environment.  This process allows us to bring the outside into our modern lifestyles, and hopefully serves as both a totem to the wonders just outside our doors, and a reminder to visit them more often.


In his work, he hopes you see glimpses of the environments he has cherished, and the sometimes playful use of scale, material and color to speak about what was and what may be.

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