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Get Involved!

If you love what we're doing, there are a few ways that you can get involved and support our ongoing work.


Whether you've never touched clay before, or you're an old pro looking to upskill in a particular area, w​e can help! With weekly classes, weekend workshops, and private tuition, I can help you to achieve your ceramics dreams.

Custom Commissions

Your Opportunity to Co-Design, Co-Create, or let our imaginations run wild!

Whether you're looking for the perfect size or color, a completely custom installation, or to incorporate a cherished heirloom, we can design something that achieves your vision.


You can find my work at:


Have a gallery or boutique near you that you think would be perfect for our work? Let us know about it, and let them know about us!

Follow/Like Us

Building a social media following is part of our outreach strategy. If you like what we're doing, tell a friend about us. Also like, share, and subscribe to our channels. It's easy to do with these handy buttons:

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